Reading used to be something I thought I could never get into.

For some reason, the idea of reading a book just seemed far from entertaining and where would I really find the time in my busy schedule? It took me a few tries to really get into reading but after picking up a few of the self-help books on this list I really started to see the value in books. Now I read a couple of books a month and am fascinated it’s taken me this long to discover these ancient relics.

I got started downloading books for free from the public library through apps on my phone. You can download Libby or Overdrive and get started for free, or take the plunge and book some physical books. All of the images in this post link out to amazon listings.

These days I prefer digital books through audible which you can sign up for here

(This list is always being updated & the list is not in any kind of particular order.)

The Ultimate Sales Letter – Dan Kennedy

Unfuck Your Brain – Faith G Harper

Fooled by Randomness – Nassim Nicholas

Ego is the Enemy – Ryan Holiday

Stillness Is The Key – Ryan Holiday

Growth Hacking – Ryan Holiday

Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator – Ryan Holiday

Verbal Judo – George J Thompson

Purple Cow – Seth Godin

The Icarus Deception – Seth Godin

The 4 Hour Body – Tim Ferriss

The 4 Hour Work Week – Tim Ferriss

Tribe of Mentors – Tim Ferriss

The Personal Efficiency Program – Kerry Gleeson

Dotcom Secrets – Russel Brunson

The Self Employment Survival Guide – Jeanne Yocum

Influence – Dr. Robert Cialdini

Guerilla Marketing – Jay Conrad Levinson

The E Myth Enterprise – Michael Gerber

The 5 Essential People Skills – Dale Carnegie

How To Influence People and Win Friends – Dale Carnegie

The 48 Laws of Power – Robert Greene

Calm the F*ck Down – Sarah Knight

The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*uck. – Sarah Knight

Essentialism – Greg McKeown

Can’t Hurt Me – David Goggins

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